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About Us

coPrime was founded in 2002 by Paul Graham and has worked with many of the top blue chip companies to create high volume transactional websites, capable of processing thousands of orders and requests every minute. Also by creating Web Service interfaces we have naturally encouraged and facilitated high levels of automation and integration and therefore produced significant cost reductions for our clients.

“We realised that thousands of businesses could improve their profitability by simply automating their processes and integrating this software with their partners. The Azure cloud with its ‘Service Bus’ integration features have made this a real possibility for every company.”

We have been developing with Microsoft technologies for many years and are considered experts in many facets of web technology. We already have substantial experience of helping companies to migrate in-house systems to large scale commercial web applications and with our knowledge of Azure we are able to help you move into the cloud.

coPrime is proud to be a Microsoft Partner and is utilising the Microsoft Azure platform on a new leading edge ‘SaaS’ product.

“We truly believe that the software of the future should be developed utilising ‘PaaS’. Developers we do not wish to be swamped with ‘infrastructure issues’, ‘security patches’ and ‘disaster recovery’. All of these concerns are incredibly important but being able to automatically delegate that responsibility to someone else is ideal and we believe companies will feel the same.”

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