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Azure Security

Worries about Security in the cloud are stated as the major concern when an organisation is moving data or its application into the cloud. We hope to alleviate your concerns about this.
Data Security
People are of the opinion that data stored in the cloud is completely open to all. Whilst this may be true for a tiny minority of published data, the data in the Azure Cloud is as secure as any data stored in your own data centre or the data stored in an outsourced partner site.
The data is protected by complex password and account setting and access is automatically limited to the Azure Applications and specified IP addresses.
Application Security
The Web Role applications can either be secured using ASP.NET Forms Authentication or by Claims Based Authentication. Claims based authentication is built into the platform via the Azure Access Control. In simple terms it enables a secure link between your company (using Windows Identity Federation) and Azure and when a user connects to the Azure website, they are validated by your own authentication servers and the user's ‘claims’ (or credentials) are sent to the website. This overcomes user password fatigue and truly extends your domain into the cloud.
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